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GT 2011 Challenge!

So Aaron, a friend from college and fellow-gamer, and I have decided to get our WHFB armies ready for one of the 2011 GT’s, now that they’re sponsored by individual companies, making it possible for us to finally attend one (I think it’s near Cincinnati). I have played Dwarfs forever (started collecting Dwarfs in 1992!), and while they’re truly my “first love” when it comes to collecting miniature figurines, I have decided to do up my Bretonnians! Aaron and I have decided to keep a running of our progress as we both want to maintain accountability and motivation in order to have our stuff done by this time next summer. (

I don’t know how well they will do in terms of their competitive play, because the new rules in 8th Ed. really improved the performance of infantry, making it considerably more difficult to utilize cavalry effectively. Anyone who knows anything about Bretonnians knows that the army relies on its heavy cavalry to win games, and Bretonnians do heavy cavalry better than anyone else. Fortunately, I’m not doing them only for their competitive nature, however; I chose them initially, because I’ve always wanted to model a Crusader army. The Bretonnians have given me that opportunity now. My favorite knightly order has always been the Knights of St. John, the Knights Hospitaller. I’m excited to be doing a themed army, then, based on a contingent of Order troops from roughly A.D. 1250-ish.

Because knights were historically far fewer in numbers than their contingents of feudal footmen, I decided to base my army on a strong infantry core. (Granted, Bretonnian Men-at-Arms are some of the most pathetic troops in Warhammer… I strongly considered using Bretonnian models and the Empire Army Book, and while I have decided to go with the Bretonnian Army Book for the time being, I’m still not ruling out an Empire list.) I had bought a ton of Men-at-Arms and Peasant Bowmen after I got back from my first deployment to Iraq, back when they were all still horrible, anticipating using a BSB on foot and possibly even some Mounted Yeomen as Turcopoles. I have worked out a list for 8th Edition that I’m pretty happy with that seems to be fairly historically accurate -as historically accurate as may be viable in Warhammer, anyway. Here’s my list:

Bretonnian Lord w/Enchanted Shield and Virtue of Empathy                                                                   140 pts

Paladin BSB w/Virtue of Empathy and not sure what else yet                                                                       95 pts

Prophetess w/Lv 4 upgrade and Silver Mirror                                                                                                  265 pts

Prophetess w/Lv 4 upgrade and Dispel Scroll                                                                                                   250 pts

Peasant Bowmen x20 w/Musician and braziers                                                                                                130 pts

Peasant Bowmen x20 w/Musician and braziers                                                                                                130 pts

Men-at-Arms x30 w/Full Command                                                                                                                      177 pts

Men-at-Arms x30 w/Full Command                                                                                                                      177 pts

Knights Errant x9 w/Full Command and Errantry Banner                                                                            221 pts

Knights of the Realm x9 w/Full Command                                                                                                           240 pts

Grail Reliquae w/18 additional Battle Pilgrims                                                                                                  260 pts

Questing Knights x9 w/Full Command and War Banner                                                                                304 pts

Questing Knights x9 w/Full Command and Banner of Protection                                                             309 pts

Field Trebuchet w/ Yeoman Craftsman                                                                                                               100 pts

Field Trebuchet w/ Yeoman Craftsman                                                                                                               100 pts

Field Trabuchet w/ Yeoman Craftsman                                                                                                               100 pts

Total: 2998 pts

Characters: 750 pts; 25%. Core: 1075 pts; 34%. Special: 8 pts; 31%. Rare: 300 pts; 10%.

Now, this list isn’t finalized, because I’m not sure what rules will be used for the tournament next year. It appears that the website above still has the rules used last year and may need to be updated. My plan, though, is to go ahead and start on the units I’m likely to still use regardless, so the first unit I’m going to begin painting will be one of the units of Peasant Bowmen. These are going to be the old OOP archers with a musician. For the musician, I decided to go with a Reaper mini for some flavor: a big burly Scotchman with a kilt and a set of bagpipes! I’m still trying to figure out how I would like to paint the archers, what livery to use seeing that I want these to be my “order archers”, but I’ll go ahead and post some pictures here for both before and after.

Next, I anticipate modeling another unit of archers. These, however, will be just for fun, though I daresay they’ll be a great addition to my army. I’m going to do them as Robin Hood and his band of merry men! LOL Seriously, though, I plan to include the troubadour Allen a’Dale as my musician for the unit, Friar Tuck, Robin Hood, Will Scarlet, Little John, and even Maid Marian. For Allen and Marian, I’m using more Reaper minis: a Gnomish musician and a pirate wench, respectively, though I think they’ll work right into the theme of the unit without a hitch!